Merging AI and Personal Consultations to Improve your Health


About the company

Introduction to LIV AI Science Inc.

LIV AI Science Inc.: PioneeringAI-Enhanced Wellness for the 50+ Generation

Summary: LIV AI Science Inc., an EX VENTURE INC.portfolio company, is revolutionizing the health and fitness industry with itsAI-backed platform, specifically designed for the 50+ age group. Withhighlights like pre-approval for German government co-funding and a focus onglobal markets, LIV AI Science stands out with its unique business modeltargeting an aging population and rising healthcare costs. The company'smultilingual approach and emphasis on personalized wellness solutions leverageAI's power to meet the diverse needs of this demographic.

Motivation: LIV AI Science Inc. was founded toaddress the critical health and wellness needs of the aging population.Co-founded by Lorrayne Pereira, a fitness and nutrition influencer withengineering and venture capital experience, the company aims to provide affordable,personalized retreat living experiences. This initiative is driven by thebelief that health is paramount, as passionately expressed by Co-FounderPereira, who brings personal health challenges and professional expertise tothe company's mission.

Market Analysis: LIV AI Science operates in asubstantial global growth market, with a focus on the increasingly affluentsenior demographic seeking longevity and well-being. The company is positionedto fill a significant market gap by offering affordable, AI-powered healthsolutions that are customizable for each individual. This approach isparticularly relevant given the escalating healthcare costs and the growingdemand for quality wellness services.

Growth Potential: LIV AI Science's strategy ofutilizing AI to democratize access to elite health knowledge is poised todisrupt the health industry. With the Western world aging and healthcare costssoaring, the company's services cater to a substantial and growing market. Theintegration of AI with human coaching expertise offers a scalable model forhealth and wellness services, promising significant growth potential.

Revenue Streams: The company's revenue model ismultifaceted, encompassing personalized AI-enhanced wellness programs, retreatexperiences in locations like Bali, and possibly digital health products andservices. This diversified approach, combining technology with human touch,caters to the unique needs of the older generation, ensuring a steady andexpanding revenue base.

Conclusion: LIV AI Science Inc. is not just acompany; it’s a visionary in the wellness sector, providing transformativehealth solutions for the 50+ generation. By blending AI with expert humancoaching, the company is redefining personalized health and wellness. With itsstrategic market positioning, innovative services, and significant growthpotential, LIV AI Science is set to make a profound impact on the healthindustry, enhancing lives and reshaping the future of wellness for the seniordemographic.